Infrared Tx & Rx for DIY IR communication

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Using the combo IR Led & IR Decoder IC it is possible to add Wireless Infrared communication to DIY projects.
The IR LED and the IR Decoder IC TSOP38238 are perfectly matched in wavelength. With a simple sketch it is possible to use these two components to setup an Infrared Wireless communication on your development board.


IR-LED: Wurth Elektronik cod. 15400394A3590

IR-LED Peak Wavelength: 940nm

IR-LED IFORWARD MAX (continuous): 100mA@1.5V

IR-LED VREVERSE MAX (continuous): 5V

IR-Decoder: TSOP-38238

IR-Decoder Modulating Frequency: 38kHz

IR-Decoder Peak Wavelength: 940nm

IR-Decoder Rated Voltage: 2.5-5V



Avoid storing the products in a place at high temperature, high humidity and in Corrosive gases.

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