uChip BASIC - pre-loaded firmware (headers NOT SOLDERED)

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BASIC uChip: BASIC loves uChip!
This uChip version is pre-loaded with Coridium FREE BASIC compiler firmware.
Now BASIC code is in the uChip narrow DIP-16 package! (headers NOT soldered)

The BASIC uChip comes pre-loaded with Coridium FREE BASIC firmware which allows for programming routines on uChip using BASIC coding. Download for free Coridium tools and start coding in BASIC on uChip!

Do you already own a uChip?! You can easily load Coridium firmware in your uChip to support BASIC programming.
Check all the details in the Coridium support page.



CPU: 32-bit Cortex M0+ ATSAMD21-series running at 48 MHz (Arduino Zero Compatible)

FLASH: 256 kB (248 kB due to integrated bootloader).

RAM: 32 kB, zero wait states.

Powered via USB or externally (3.3V to 5V).

Integrated 500-mA boost and 1-A buck converters and automatic power switching circuitry. 

Each converter can also be individually turned off, e.g. if you want to force power draw exclusively from external pins (self-powered device), or if you want to turn off an external USB device connected with a micro A cable.

When powered through the USB port, the output voltage on the power pins can be selected via software to be either 3.3V or the USB voltage (typically 5V +/- 10%).

Pin 15 can be configured (via SMD jumper) as an additional 3.3V auxiliary output @100mA when pin 16 is 5V (either as input or output). By default pin 15 is a regular I/O. If this feature is not used, 5/3.3V (at up to 1A) are still available on pin 16.

14 I/O pins (2 of them can be used to connect an external SWD programmer/debugger) and 2 power pins (VCC and GND).

Status LED (it can be turned on/off via software using a single instruction).

Multi function push button for reset/program.

8 12-bit ADC inputs.

10-bit DAC output.

14 external interrupt input pins.

Up to 5 serials between SPI, I2C, UART and I2S.

I2S port for audio decoders such as  UDA1334A.

13 PWM pins.

Size: 28.5 mm x 10.16 mm (1.1 “ x 0.40 “), including USB port protrusions (27.23 mm x 10.16 mm excluding USB)

4-layer board for improved noise performance.

Standards narrow-DIP footprint: 0.3” (7.62 mm) row spacing, 0.1” (2.54) pin spacing.

Pinout standard logic CMOS compatible: power and GND are on pin 16 and 8, so you can also emulate some 16 pin CMOS ICs (4000 and 74HC series)! 

Can be programmed in BASIC, C/C++, asm, and also CircuitPython!

Schematics, pcb layout, guide, drivers and examples: see download page!



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