Download ITACA Kit quickstart manual here.

Download uSVC - uChip Simple VGA Console manual here, while for a quick-start guide check here.

Download uChip quickstart guide here (11/01/2020: updated!).



Hardware design files

Full KiCAD uChip project can be downloaded here!


Board support packages for Arduino IDE

Get the latest Arduino board support package for uChip here:



Drivers for uChip can be found here (version 1.0.11 updated on 13/10/2020).



Take a look at some examples below with uChip (warning: links to external websites!)

  1. RC boat with recycled materials
  2. USB-powered 12-channel relay board 
  3. 40-fps hand held platform game
  4. ElectrostatiCAT: measure electrostatic charge when petting your cat :)
  5. USB to IR receiver/transmitter
  6. RC lego bike
  7. Sonar with acoustic feedback
  8. Sonar with BT data transmission
  9. Light Saber (using WS2812B based LEDs)
  10. SAMD21 board unbricker with uChip